THAI RUBBER LATEX CORP. CO., LTD.: Producer of latex concentrate, latex glove, rubber thread

Producer of latex concentrate, latex glove, rubber thread




Thailand is the world's largest rubber exporter, and Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited (Thaitex) is the largest natural concentrated latex producer and supplier recording over 100,000 tons of the natural concentrated latex per annum. The company comprises of nine latex plants located in rubber plantation area in the east, south, and northeast of Thailand to push the exports up to 180,000 tons annually.

Over 90 percent of Thailand's natural rubber and products made from rubber are exported to overseas markets. The country's dependence on the world market means the industry is sensitive to price fluctuations in international trade, which in turn, is influenced by the prevailing global demand for natural rubber. Strong competition from other major natural rubber producing countries, like Malaysia and Indonesia, and climatic conditions are also important factors that significantly affect the rubber industry in Thailand.  

At present, the global market situation is favorable to Thai latex concentrate producers as the global demand for natural rubber products continues to grow. Malaysia, having significantly reduced its own natural rubber production, is now importing latex concentrate from Thailand for manufacturing of rubber products. 

Thai Rubber Latex Corporation's remarkable success over the years can be attributed to our long experience, unparalleled expertise and strategic planning, enabling us to thrive even in the worst economic situation. Our most important asset is our workforce. We value above all the professional operating methods of our management team and well trained staff. Thai Rubber Latex Corporation is a listed company in The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under stock code "TRUBB". Please click here to go to SET 's web site.


Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited or THAITEX GROUP has long been recognized as Thailand’s leading producer of latex concentrate. The company is totally committed to manufacturing world-class products to meet the requirements of customers in the domestic as well as overseas markets. Our products are characterized by their high quality that easily meets and even exceeds the highest international standards. We take it upon ourselves to continually strive to maintain our ability to closely match the requirements of our clients and to consistently ensure customer satisfaction.


The history of THAITEX started over three decades ago in the year 1967, at Songkhla province in Southern Thailand, with the establishment of Klong Ngae Rubber Co., Ltd. (now known as Excel Rubber Co., Ltd.). From this humble beginning, alliances were made with other latex companies, such as Orient Rubber Latex Co., Ltd., Thai Rubber and Latex Co., Ltd., etc., leading to the formation of Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited (THAITEX) in 1990. THAITEX specializes in producing latex concentrate and skim block.


Establish "Khlong Ngae Rubber Ltd. Partnership" two units of natural latex separating machines had been used and the production and sales had not been more than 50 tonnnes


The production power were enlarged to 200 - 300 tonnes per month


 Thai Rubber & Latex Co., Ltd. was setup to produce natural concentrated latex in Rayong Province.


Thai Orient Rubber Latex Co., Ltd. was established, having the production power of 2,400 tonnes per month.


The old plant was moved from Khlong Ngae District, Songkhla Province, to Tambon Ban Phru, Had Yai District, and changed the name from Khlong Ngae Rubber Ltd. Partnership to Excel Rubber Co., Ltd.


Phuket Latex Co., Ltd. was started in Phang Nga Province. Its production power was 1,400 tonnes per month


Become public and change the name to "Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited"

Today, the THAITEX group of companies consists of six factories as well as manufacturing plants for latex gloves, rubber thread and various rubber related products. Further diversification and forward integration of our activities has led to investment in a shipping terminal (Thai Tank Installation Co., Ltd.) and prevulcanized latex manufacture in partnership with Revertex (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.


Thaitex's main markets are in Europe, the US, Korea, and Malaysia. In the future, the South American markets such as Argentina and Brazil, both of which have been importing the firm’s concentrated latex, will be expanded. The Chinese and Malaysian markets, the two largest natural concentrated latex importers, will also be enlarged, The local market, Thailand is widening as well following the government sector's policies that support the industries relating to rubber industry, particularly, rubber gloves, condoms, and rubber threads. Manufacturers of those products are expanding their investments in Thailand, and, likewise, investors in Thailand are augmenting their rubber product production capacity.


As a main raw material for rubber gloves, rubber thread and condom, we fully realize the importance of availability of our product to our customers. Our customers' demand for latex raw material must be fulfilled when they want it. We guarantee that the concentrated latex stock for customers is available for our customers all year round. Beside that, our plants were granted the ISO 9002 for the servicing quality. We are Thailand's first natural concentrated latex exporter to the world markets and Thailand's first exporter that has shipped the natural concentrated latex in deep tanks. The deep tanks have helped his firm export a larger volume of the natural concentrated latex at lower transport cost.

We have been serving our existing customers and exploring new potential market simultaneously. With  our profound experiences, reputations, sufficient raw materials from the South, the East, and plant enlargements in the Northeast, and the present storage of 20.000 tonnes of natural concentrated latex in tanks, we are confident our customer are satisfy with our high-quality latex and consistency of supply. All the said factors will contribute to the company’s expected achievement towards the export target.


THAITEX Group has been a leading producers of concentrate latex, special compound latex and various  latex-related products including disposable latex glove, extruded rubber thread, rubber foam for bedding equipment and etc.

Concentrated Natural Latex:

With nine factories located in rubber plantation area throughout the country, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation can supply concentrate latex with capacity over 100,000 metric ton a year.

Extruded Rubber Thread:

World Flex public Company Limited is a producer of high-quality rubber thread. Established in 1993, World Flex public Company Limited is a subsidiary of Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Company Limited, which is the world’s largest producer of latex concentrate. World Flex, with its registered capital of 200 million baht, has been a leading producer of high-quality standardized rubber thread. World Flex company has well-experienced staff whose specialization is in the rubber thread industry. The company also has continuously developed its manufacturing system and the equipment utilized in the factory in order to ensure maximum precision as well as to meet the international standards. All these have resulted in its high-quality products being accepted worldwide. We are striving to meet all requirements of clients and to improve our capability for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.  Presently, the company has the production capacity of 12,000-14,000 tons per year. Our products include rubber thread coated with talcum and rubber thread coated with polymer. The products come in many different types, sizes, and colors. World Flex, with its factory located in the province of Rayong , some distance from the Deep Sea Port and the Easter Seaboard industrial Estate, has been recognized as one of the leading rubber thread manufacturers in Thailand. For more information about rubber thread please click here

Disposable Latex Glove:

We produce Latex Medical Examination Gloves for supply on OEM basis to some of the leading brands in the medical industry. Our won brand PROSAFE is well accepted in the medial industry and internationally recognized as a benchmark for high quality.

More than three decades of latex manufacturing experience along with the most stable supply of raw material available, makes THAITEX GROUP the world’s largest manufacturer of concentrate natural latex. Our products go through strict manufacturing process and thorough inspection to assure our customers receive only the finest quality product.