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Latex System Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer distributor of sleep products made from 100% natural latex foam for domestic and overseas market. Main business comprises of contract manufacturing (OEM) business and branded business. Extablishes in 2003, Latex System Co., Ltd. Manufactured, distributed pillows and mattress made from 100% nature latex foam for local and export market purchasing concentrated latex, which is its main raw production material, from its parent company the Thai rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) public Limited Company, the world leading exporter of concentrated latex.
Our pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Each pillow modelis designed differently for specific fuction. For bedding manufacturers who want to personalise their pillows. We can produce tailor-made pillows, using custom-designed moulds

Contour Pillow PT3 Pillow (Massage Contour Pillow)<
Heart Pillow (Curve Pillow) Durian Pillow (Massage Curve Pillow)
Toddler Contour Pillow Kid Contour Pillow
Cushion Pillow Standard Latex Pillow

As a symbol of quality product, our latex pillow comply with ECO Certificate, LGA Certificates, Thailand Trust Mark, ISPA ISO 9001:2015.